1. The student herself/himself makes the registrations to TÖMER.  
  2. The student must take the placement test before they apply. The exam is free.
  3. Lessons are held in at least 4 and at most 15 people classrooms.
  4. Course cancellation, freezing or class exchange is done at least three days before the beginning of the course. Cancellations, fees and freezing requests that are made after the beginning of the course are invalid.
  5. Class change must be done on the first week of the course.
  6. Lessons take 50 minutes and 10 minutes break.
  7. On the final day of the course, there will be a “Final Exam”.
  8. The students who completed the course successfully will get certificates.
  9. The student who fails a single level takes one course exam. However, if the student fails at least two levels, they are considered to have failed the entire examination.
  10. Students are obliged to attend 80% of the course. Students who exceed the limit of absenteeism cannot take the final exam.
  11. The student who has enrolled in one of the courses in TÖMER is assumed to be accepted all the practices and conditions.